Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Rogue One

Like many, I was shocked today to learn of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Perhaps best known for her work in the Star Wars movies, she constructed a multifaceted strong character who happened to be female. Throughout her career, Carrie Fisher pushed boundaries, or simply ignored them.

Within educational innovation, some boundaries cannot be ignored -- we hold the sacred trust of our community to ensure the well-being of our kids, and to be exceptional stewards of public funds. 

But we can -- and should -- push our own boundaries (think comfort zone). How often do we really challenge ourselves to improve? How often do we look at the results of teaching and learning, and look at the students before us, and recognize that we need to learn to think/do/be better? How often do we go rogue, not out of anger or frustration, but out of a positive place and a strong desire to serve others?

Princess Leia was an innovator. She inspired others to join her quest because she believed in a better tomorrow. She never promised it would be easy or safe, and she led by example. She exemplified collective responsibility, even when going rogue.

Join the conversation...
What boundary will you push? How will you be an example of collective responsibility?

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