Monday, December 19, 2016

Turning Up The Volume On Student Voice

In an earlier blog post about our student voice project, I explained the student-generated survey that was going to be distributed to the 1,120 students at Forest Hills Northern High School. The 50 question survey was completed by 818 students -- a number fairly dispersed over the four grades.

(The day the survey was pushed out to the school, a reporter from the School News Network was visiting, and published a great story about the student voice project)

Since that time, my year 12 colleagues have been diving into the data, and fashioning some ways to use storytelling to show the results:

Today, 8 of them came to the FHN teacher school improvement team meeting and provided a mini-presentation, using their storytelling skills to get beyond the numbers. Some data from each of the four main categories (technology, scheduling, teaching & learning, and student wellbeing) were presented in a human-centered way. One example included the grouping of teachers in the room to show percentages of study time for tests and resulting scores.

Next steps include all 30 of the students spending a half-day with the 12-person teacher team to get teacher responses to the data, and build partnerships to address some of the issues that the survey data revealed. The students will lead those conversations through developed protocols and tools.

To see some of the inspiration for our work, check out this video from Mount Waverley Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia:

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