Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Add Clarity

I've been staring at this post-it note on my desk, which encompasses some to-dos for an upcoming professional learning session. If part of school innovation is introducing new methods, might "add clarity" be a great innovation for just about every single thing we do or say?

Clarity is a critical component of how we plan and deliver instruction, how we create and implement initiatives to enhance student learning, and generally how we communicate. Another way to think about it is the term "sensemaking," which meets the human need to create order and make sense of what has and is occurring.

To be intentional about it, what if we consider "add clarity" as we focus on problems of practice in our collaborative teams? It fits perfectly within a collaborative cycle of inquiry. Our district has an inquiry cycle graphic we designed to fit our specific needs, and maybe yours does too, but if not, many examples exist. Here's one I found in less than a minute through a Google search:

My current "add clarity" opportunity sits within the green pie piece, although because the cycle is fluid, it might very well shift over time. And most certainly, other "add clarity" opportunities will touch every single pie piece many times over.

Join the conversation...
Where in the pie do your current "add clarity" opportunities exist?

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